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Thank you so much! We’re successfully funded on Kickstarter.com !

Our sincere thanks to every single one of you for the amazing campaign! We’ve reached far beyond our initial goal – which we couldn’t have done without the 1988 peoples that shared our passion and helped us to achieve Urban Slim Wallet 2.0.

The real work begins now for us. We’ll be working extra hard in the coming months to make sure that we’ll be delivering the Urban Slim wallet 2.0 to everyone on time.

Kickstarter finalizes the backer report after 14 days window and will contact you if there is any issues with your account. After that I will be sent a final list of backers and that is when I will be able to send out the surveys. The surveys will be sent out about 14 days from now and you will receive a notification via the e-mail associated with your account (I’ll also send out another update). In the e-mail you will enter in the address you would like your reward shipped to, the color, and a notes section where you can leave any additional information such as if you pledged for multiple wallets or passport cover you can let us know your selection. Once a majority of the surveys have been filled out we will sort through and organize the list and be able to break down the quantity of each type of wallet that needs to be manufactured. if You have any questions, you can email us anytime. Once again, Thank you for making this journey with us!

UrbanGearPro team