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Urban Slim RFID Passport cover

Why do you need an RFID Passport case ?

RFID technology ( Radio Frequency Identification ) is already being used in numerous consumer products and is constantly expanding. With well over 200 million credit and debit cards, millions of hotel room keys, all US Passports issued since October 2006, a growing number of state driver’s licenses, work IDs and even transit cards all using RFID chips, more personal information is at risk than ever before. These chips contain first page passport information including your photo. The special driver’s licenses from New York, Michigan, Washington, Vermont are “enhanced” with long-range RFID chips. Overall, enough data that identity theft is an ongoing threat for owners of RFID enabled products.


Urban Slim RFID Passport cover

  • RFID protection
  • small and light weight
  • fast and easy to access cards, boarding pass and passport 

PASSPORT blue 16-9 1A

PASSPORT black 16-9 1